Dr. Michael BonnerDr. Michael Bonner

Welcome to the South Carolina Historical Association website! The members are happy to showcase the many accomplishments and history of our organization. Our membership is open to anyone interested in history, whether they are professional historians or simply those who are fascinated by the many rich historical experiences this field has to offer. I encourage you to browse The Proceedings, the organization's peer-reviewed journal.

Our most important event is the annual meeting, which in 2016 will be held on March 19th at the South Carolina State Archives in Columbia. I hope you will consider joining us, or even better, submitting a paper or panel proposal for the conference.

All conference papers are eligible for publication in The Proceedings, so the conference is an excellent opportunity to practice your historical skills in a relaxing, but professional environment. I am honored to be a part of this fantastic organization and I hope you will consider adding your passion for history to our group!

Best wishes,

Michael Bonner
SCHA President

History of SCHA

The South Carolina Historical Association was founded in 1931 by persons teaching, writing, and studying history in South Carolina. Since that time, it has held an annual meeting for the presentation of papers on a wide variety of historical fields. Although its geographical base is the state of South Carolina, the organization exists to enhance the teaching and study of all areas of history. Membership comes primarily from South Carolina, but the organization is open to any person interested in history. The person's field of study may be any area of history; the association welcomes and encourages participation regardless of the historical field of interest. The Association also publishes a journal, The Proceedings, to which papers presented at the annual meeting may be submitted.


2016 SCHA Conference Info

Saturday, March 19, 2016
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

South Carolina Department of Archives and History
Columbia, SC

Note: USC Salkahatchie has a campus in Allendale. This conference is in Walterboro.

The Association invites historians of all disciplines to submit proposals for the 2016 Annual Meeting at this time.

Join Us

The Historic Bedon-Lucas House

Click to Enlarge Bedon-Lucas HouseFriday Evening Reception
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
205 Church Street
Walterboro, SC


The Proceedings

Annually, the association publishes a journal, The Proceedings, which consists of papers presented at the annual meeting and submitted to the journal for publication consideration. The papers presented at the annual meeting and submitted to the journal are refereed by professional historians prior to selection for publication. Only those papers that meet high standards of scholarship and writing quality are selected for publication. Some papers are published in their entirety; others are published in abstract. Here are The Proceedings from past years.

SCHA Officers

Each year the association elects for its officers, a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and three members-at-large. These officers comprise the executive board. The executive board nominates an editor for The Proceedings, arranges the annual meeting and program, oversees the publication of The Proceedings, and publishes a quarterly Newsletter.


Michael Bonner
University of South Carolina at Lancaster

Vice President
Lewie Reece
Anderson University

Amanda R. Mushal
The Citadel

Michael Kohl
Retired, Clemson University

Board Members:

Eric Emerson
South Carolina Dept. of Archives & History
Term Expires 2016

Robert C. Figueira
Lander University
Term Expires 2016

Michael Morris
College of Coastal Georgia
Term Expires 2017

Elizabeth Laney
Redcliffe Plantation State Park
Term Expires 2018

Alexia Helsley
USC Aiken
Term Expires 2018

Stefan W. Wiecki
Presbyterian College

Ernest Jenkins
University of South Carolina at Lancaster
Term Expires 2017

Proceedings Editors
Brenda Thompson-Schoolfield and Ernest Jenkins

Prize Awards

Every two years the association awards prizes for outstanding articles that are published in The Proceedings. One prize is for the best article submitted by a graduate student member. The other prize is for the best article submitted by a professional member.

Awards made at the 2003 annual meeting were for the best articles appearing in The Proceedings for the period 2001-2002. Aaron W. Marrs won the graduate student award for "Disatisfaction and Desertion in Greenville District, South Carolina, 1860-1865," and Elizabeth Cassidy West won the professional member prize for " 'Yours for Home and Country': The War Work of the South Carolina Woman's Committtee."

In 2009 Lara Kozer was awarded Hollis prize for best graduate student paper of the past 2 years for her article entitled: “Built by the Border: South of the Border and the Border Business, 1950-1965.” Published in the 2005 Proceedings.

In 2011 Lindsay Crawford awarded Hollis Prize for her article published in the 2009 Proceedings, “Martha Rutledge Kinloch Singleton: A Slaveholdings Widow in Antebellum South Carolina.”